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Thank you so much for this recipe, this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it. 🙂
Yes, boba definitely does not taste much like tea at all. It’s almost in the dessert category for me. I haven’t had one in years since they became popular, but there are some amazing places to get them here in Los Angeles. We even have boba food trucks!
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I love thai tea! Just a note to other readers who might shy away from the stuff with food coloring–I’ve had great success making thai tea with a mix of black tea and vanilla roobios.
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I love bubble tea!  I have been wanting to try an make my own, now I have a great looking recipe!  Thanks!
I love bubble tea too but have never made my own! This almond milk version is lovely!
Yes! I eagerly await more recipes with tapioca pearls. I’ve been trying to come up with something myself. Maybe next time I see you, we can brainstorm!
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So pretty! Bubble tea is one of my favorite treats. There is a super cute bubble tea shop about a mile away, that I love to walk to in the summer. This recipe is the perfect way to get my bubble tea fix in without having to walk a mile in the snow

I am obsessed with Bubble Tea to – every time we go to town I have to get one!! I need to experiment with putting boba in other stuff too!
That look ssoooo good! I have always wanted to try this.
I’m glad you found them helpful! It’s a new feature I just added and will hopefully make tracking down harder-to-find ingredients a little bit easier. 🙂 Enjoy your bubble tea!
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This looks so delicious – and just plain cool! Can’t wait to try this almond version. Yum!
This particular variation mixes traditional Thai tea with homemade almond milk and almond flavored syrup. It’s no secret I love anything and everything almond, so it follows that this is pretty darn awesome. It reminds me of a boba tea I had in San Francisco a few years ago and which served as the inspiration for this recipe: the hint of almond the perfect counterpart to the bitterness of the tea.
Oh my gosh I am SO happy I came across this post. I was in Vietnam 7 years ago and had Thai Iced Tea at a cafe and have never been able to replicate it since! I am TOTALLY ordering the mix and trying this asap. YAY and YUM!!! 🙂
I bought a package of boba pearls a few months ago and I’ve been too scared to try to make them! This recipe is inspiring me to finally pull them out! milk tea recipe almond milk I LOVE that last gif – so beautiful.
So excited to try this! And thanks so much for purchasing the links for purchase. Ordering the supplies now!
I may be slightly obsessed with bubble tea these days. Which is funny, because I’m not a tea drinker. But I guess if you mix tea with cream and sugar and squishy sweet bubbles, it doesn’t much taste like tea anymore, does it? Those additions make all the difference.
Ahh this is so perfect-just what I need. I’m a total boba addict.
It’s mesmerizing, I tell you. Like some sort of nebulous cloud of sweetness.
I love pearl teas. We used to make them at least once a week when I was in high school , but I haven’t tried combining Thai tea and almond syrup. They’re two of my favorite milk tea flavors, and now I’m totally craving the combo of the two!
My new quest is to figure out what other things I can do with boba aside from in tea. Like, dessert things. Do you dare me?
I love everything about this!  I use the same thai tea mix – so so good!  I mix mine with coconut milk and agave but I am swooning over the added boba and almond in yours!
I love Thai tea AND bubble tea, so combining them is a dream! And those pour shots have me drooling.
This looks amazing, I have a cold press juicer that I can use to make my own almond milk.
I too love bubble tea! This looks amazing and I must make it asap!
All you have to do is put sweetned Thai Tea into vanilla ice cream    You can add conditioned milk . Be creative. Add more of anything you want to get the taste ur after.
I’ve never made bubble tea myself before – will have to give this a try! : )
*Almond syrup can be purchased at most grocery stores or online. If you can’t find it, you can simply add about 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract to your sugar syrup.
I used a slightly different method for preparing the boba, as opposed to what’s written on the package, and the texture of the pearls is much more pleasant. Smoother through and through with no unpleasantly chewy center. It takes a few minutes longer , but well worth the extra effort.
I love that you even make almond milk yourself! Boba tea has so many possibilities, it’s so wonderful to see people experimenting different combinations! Have you made boba from scratch before? It’s really quite simple, just tapioca powder, sugar and water! The only thing is it takes a long time to round them into little ball=)
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I love boba tea, but I rarely have it because it can be hard to find . milk tea near me open today