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The 10 Best Places for Bubble milk tea near me Tea in Maine!

Enjoy your choice of Japanese or Chinese cuisine, but pair or top it off with a delicious bubble tea when you visit Green Tea Restaurant. Order ahead and stop in to take it to go if you’re in a hurry.
Open for breakfast and lunch, 98 Wake ‘n Shake also serves up a variety of frothy, cold beverages including bubble tea. Call ahead and they’ll have yours ready to go.
Have you jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon? The delicious teas infused with fruit and milk or nondairy substitutes have boba or bubbles made from tapioca floating throughout. Some like bubble as a dessert while others drink it instead of coffee or regular tea as a morning or afternoon beverage. Check out these amazing bubble tea places in Maine and see what the hype is all about!
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Just the name itself invokes a sense of fun, and the bubble tea at Silly’s is fun, too. Whether you choose to sip it while enjoying Piggy Went to Market or WeeBee Jammin’ or on its own, you’ll love the rich indulgence. Enjoy your bubble tea in house or take it to go.
Whether you choose mango, charo, honeydew or Thai, you’ll love the bubble tea at Selah Tea Café. They import only the finest teas, and believe strongly in their medicinal qualities.
Serving up authentic Thai food, milk tea near me Pure Thai Kitchen is also known for their rich and flavorful bubble teas. Order ahead and take yours to go or stay and enjoy one with or after a delicious lunch or dinner.
The bubble tea at Bubble Maineia is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Check out their chocolate bubble tea for a unique combination of flavors.
Southeast Asian cuisine may highlight the menu at Boba, but that doesn’t mean some don’t come solely for their bubble tea. The casual atmosphere is perfect for either, and you may stay to enjoy your bubble tea or take it to go.
Indulge in sushi or noodles at Little Tokyo, but make sure to have some bubble tea, too. Ask the server what new flavors they’re promoting, as they change frequently. There are also a few that are menu staples.
Yoshi has an exceptional watermelon bubble tea, as well as several additional flavors. They offer options both with and without boba, as well as some with jelly.
The 10 Best Places for Bubble milk tea near me Tea in Maine!
The 10 Best Places for Bubble milk tea near me Tea in Maine!
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You’ll love the diverse menu at Jasmine Café, and part of what makes it great is its nice selection of bubble tea. Have one with your bento box or Thai lunch box or enjoy it all on its own.
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