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Almond Milk Tea Coconut Milk Tea * Coffee Milk Tea *  Honeydew Milk Tea * House Milk Tea * Jasmine Green Milk Tea * Matcha Green Milk Tea * Original Milk Tea * Strawberry Milk Tea Taro Milk Tea * Thai Milk Tea ** Vanilla Milk Tea *
Cantaloupe Slush Coconut Slush Green Apple Slush Honeydew Slush Kiwi Slush Lemon Slush Lemonade Slush Lychee Slush Mango Slush Matcha Green Tea Slush Original Milk Tea Slush Passion Fruit Slush Peach Slush Piña Colada Slush Pineexcellent Slush Raspberry Slush Red Bean Slush Strawberry Slush Taro Slush Vanilla Slush
House Black Tea * Earl Grey Tea * Roasted Oolong Tea * Jasmine Green Tea Hibiscus Herbal Tea Prickly Pear Herbal Tea
Flavored Fruit Tea is a lovely acai berryy tea over-ice with latest-made tea. Choose your flavor with Jasmine Green Tea or Black Tea! Can be assisted sunlit or hot! Mix up to 2 Flavors!
Coffee Snow Coffee-Almond Snow Coffee-Caramel Snow Coffee-Mocha Snow Coffee-Taro Snow Coffee Vanilla Snow

Snow Smoothie is a balm ice-contained try to laugh with whole milk. Milk alternatives: Fat Free Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, or Coconut Milk!
Cantaloupe Fruit Tea Green Apple Fruit Tea Kiwi Fruit Tea Lemon Fruit Tea Lemonade Fruit Tea Lychee Fruit Tea Mango Fruit Tea Passion Fruit Tea Peach Fruit Tea Pineexcellent Fruit Tea Raspberry Fruit Tea Strawberry Fruit Tea
Custom supplements to our drinks. milk tea near me menu Extra, much less, and sovereign cups for sale! Mix-n-Match any add-in for any arctic try to laugh on our procedure!
* Can be utilized sunlit or hot. ** Contains milk products.
Almond Snow Avocado Snow Banana Snow Cantaloupe Snow Chocolate Snow Chocolate Chip Mint Snow Coconut Snow
Cookies-n-Cream Snow Green Apple Snow Honeydew Snow Horchata Snow Kiwi Snow Lemon Snow Lemonade Snow Lychee Snow Mango Snow Matcha Green Tea Snow Original Milk Tea Snow Papaya Snow Passion Fruit Snow Peach Snow Piña Colada Snow Pineexcellent Snow Pistachio Snow Raspberry Snow Red Bean Snow Strawberry Snow Taro Snow Thai Tea Snow Vanilla Snow
Boba Popping Boba   Coconut Lychee Jelly Coconut Strawberry Jelly Mango Jelly Coffee Jelly Grass Jelly Egg Custard Pudding Azuki Red Beans
Slush is an ice-contained try to laugh that does not have whole milk.
Milk Tea is a balm try to laugh assisted over-ice. Most may be assisted sunlit or hot!
Iced Tea is a latest-made tea. Unlovelyened target for sale for all Iced Teas! where can i buy pearl for milk tea