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Best Bubble Tea milk tea around me in NYC in Every Borough – CollegeBoba

Each pot of tea is brewed in traditional metal kettles under carefully controlled temperatures. At KOI Thé, baristas undergo an intense training process that covers everything from the exact hand movements used to scoop sugar all the way to the precise amount of ice to add.
We recommend the Uji matcha with salty cream and red bean, the Strawberry Dream with fresh fruit jam, and the oolong fresh milk latte.
Big Apple? Step aside. It’s Big Boba’s time to shine now.

With more than 21 stores in New York and New Jersey, is a popular bubble tea franchise in the US that offers milk tea and fruit tea options.
One thing that distinguishes The Alley from other stores is that the Alley makes its pearls and cane sugar syrup from scratch in-store. The Alley also carefully selects and ages its tea leaves so that the process from leaves to cup can take more than 500 days.
We recommend trying the grape cream float, flaming brown sugar milk with tapioca, and the mango Yakult.
With a high bar for quality and sustainability, Boba Guys is best known for its strawberry matcha latte combining oat milk, in-house strawberry puree, and premium grade matcha.
We recommend the peach yogurt, Volcano butterfly pea tea, and the caramel macchiato bubble tea.
We recommend trying the brown sugar boba milk, matcha boba milk, and soda and handmade jelly.
We recommend trying the black sugar boba milk with crème mousse or the green tea latte with cream mousse.
One of the earliest originators of the brown sugar milk tea craze, Tiger Sugar is a Taiwanese-based chain that specializes in extremely rich boba milk teas . Its name is derived from the distinctive streaks of caramel that coat the sides of its cups.
With locations in Staten Island, Queens, and Bensonhurst, Something Sweet is a thriving sweets shop that sells boba, smoothies, macarons as well as ice cream and other desserts.
Founded in 2011 by two Asian Americans, Boba Guys is a massively popular boba shop with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay area.
Although Boba Le Tea Café also serves poke, health drinks, and smoothies in addition to its boba milk tea, its no slouch when it comes to boba teas either.
We recommend the brown sugar bubble milk tea, cheese foam red dragon fruit tea, and the crème brulee milk tea.
Kung Fu Tea prides itself on its “3Ts”: tea leaves, temperature, and steeping for the right amount of time.
Located just a couple blocks east of Washington Square Park, The Alley is a bubble tea shop best known for its distinctive deer head logo and instagrammable multicolored Aurora series of drinks.
From old school boba tea houses that have been around since the early 2000s to new-wave bubble tea spots designed for Instagram, we’ve taken the time to find the best boba shops in every borough in NYC.
Another popular brown sugar boba franchise with roots in Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang recently opened up a flagship store in Queens.Their Instagrammable drinks and gorgeous colors have helped catapult them into being a major player in the boba market worldwide.
Okay. So this isn’t a bubble tea spot. But it is a hot pot place. And it does serve one of the most interesting innovations to come out of the boba world recently. And besides, what pairs better with hotpot than bubble tea?
While Staten Island is primarily known for more for its great Italian restaurants, there are some bubble tea shops absolutely worth taking the ferry for.
We recommend trying the “Floateas” or bubble tea drinks mixed with soft serve. Try ordering the Vietnamese coffee bubble tea with earl grey tea ice cream or the taro bubble tea with matcha/taro swirled ice cream.
Its longan and red date tea represents a twist on a childhood flavor popular in Asia.
Out of all the boba places on this list, perhaps no boba shop has had as much an impact on the American perception of boba as Boba Guys .
In contrast with other outlets, Ten Ren Tea drinks tend to be a little stronger in terms of flavor profile and is recommended for boba drinkers who don’t like their drinks overly sweet.
We recommend the Sakura Rose milk tea, Tea Time Signature, and the matcha milk tea.
Best Bubble Tea milk tea around me in NYC in Every Borough – CollegeBoba
Best Bubble Tea milk tea around me in NYC in Every Borough – CollegeBoba
We recommend the jasmine green milk tea, ginger milk tea , and the Thai milk tea.
We recommend trying the Kung Fu Milk Tea which mixes earl grey tea, cane sugar, and milk powder, the Milk Strike options , milk tea around me and the mango green tea.
We recommend the Signature Taro Root milk tea, strawberry matcha tea latte, and the Lavender Black milk tea with signature cream.
Recommended drinks include the Panda , kumquat vinegar oolong, and the brown sugar boba milk tea.
Officially known as “ ”, the New York Ten Ren location differs somewhat from other franchises with its offering of ginseng, tea leaves, and herbal medicines. Ten Ren Tea was started back in Taiwan in 1953.
If you’re heading on down to CoCo Fresh, we recommend checking out the QQ milk tea with chewy sweet potato and taro rounds or the refreshing honey aloe vera tea.
Founded in 1997 in the northern district of Tamsui in Taiwan, CoCo Fresh is known for its generous portions and innovative combinations.
A solid Asian hole in the wall boba shop that serves classics like popcorn chicken, Tea Time BK offers a standard repertoire of drinks but executes them well.
We recommend trying the Matcha Mudfrappe, brown sugar matcha milk, and cheese rose milk tea.
We recommend getting the rose milk tea as well as the taro milk tea.
With more than 300 locations around the world, Moge Tee recently began its push into the US. Moge Tee offers a diverse range of products and tea including cheese oreo dorayki , cheese foam uji matcha, and fresh purple yam bubble milk tea.
Created in 2018, is a bubble tea shop in Brooklyn that specializes in brown sugar milk tea. The name “mudflow” refers to the way that the brown sugar at the bottom of its brown sugar milk tea resembles streams of mud when its bottles are turned upside down.
We recommend the Fruit Master, Hawaiian Island, Mango Madness, or Strawberry Lover.
Originating in Taichung Taiwan in 2006, Mr. Wish is Taiwanese chain that specializes in fruit teas combined in unique ways. Their drinks are typically healthier than your standard boba drinks. Their diced fruit tea, for example, comes with six different types of fresh fruit including apple, pineapple, kiwi, orange, passionfruit, and kumquat.
Mudflow prides itself on its fresh ingredients and sources its leaves directly from Thailand for its Thai tea, as well as genuine Japanese matcha for its matcha drinks.
We recommend trying the Yi Fang fruit tea, the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte, and the Sun Moon Lake Black tea.
With multiple locations throughout the US, Gong Cha , which translates as “tribute tea for the emperor” is known for its premium tea and tapioca pearls. Gong Cha prides itself on its strict schedule in which tea and pearls are brewed fresh every four hours.
We recommend checking out the Pina Colada with coconut cream, pineapple, and non-dairy creamer as well as the Tidal tea which can be made with black tea, jasmine tea, or oolong.
We recommend the horchata, strawberry matcha latte, or coffee milk tea.
Rather than milk tea, Tiger Sugar cooks tapioca pearls in brown sugar syrup and mixes it with cold milk.
If you’re going down to Gong Cha, we recommend the dirty brown sugar milk tea and the earl grey milk tea with the 3J’s .
A perennial crowd-pleaser located on Broadway, Shiny Tea UWS offers interesting combinations that you can’t find anywhere else.
We recommend trying the Brown Sugar Deeorica Creme Brulee Milk, the Trio Assam Black Milk Tea, and the Snow Strawberry Lulu made with fresh fruit.
Although sources might claim otherwise, Gong Cha markets itself as the first to create “milk foam” for its tea-based drinks. Milk foam is a salted cream topping usually placed above freshly brewed tea.
We recommend the Golden Bubble milk tea, Black Tea Macchiato, or the Taro Q Oolong Tea Latte.
We recommend trying their diced fruit tea, coconut milk bubble tea nutrition